I’m the CEO and cofounder of Ada. Five years ago, Ada was a company with two employees responding to customer service inquiries manually. Today, Ada employs hundreds of people and is automating more than a billion customer interactions for some of the world’s most beloved brands.

The purpose of this blog is to reflect on and share what I’m learning about leadership on this journey.

I want to reflect on what I’m learning because I’m personally motivated to become an exceptional leader. In the best case, my hope is that the rigour of dissecting my leadership successes and failures will produce new insights that help me improve. In the worst case, I hope to up level how clearly I communicate.

And I want to share what I’m learning openly because I want to help others become great leaders too. I believe that for Ada to become a generational company, we need to learn how to help anyone become an exceptional leader.

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Sharing what I'm learning about leadership while building Ada