Murch One-Name Study

WELCOME to, the website of the Murch One-Name Study. My name is Ros Haywood (yes, I'm a girl!), and this study is registered both with the Guild of One-Name Studies and The Surname Society. A one-name study is somewhat specialised, yet broad in its outlook. Let me explain.

1. It is specialised in that it deals with one surname (and possibly a few variants).

2. It has a broad outlook because it won't just concentrate on the MURCHes who lived in Devon, England (for example). It won't even confine itself to the MURCHes who lived in England. It is worldwide. If there were MURCHes who lived in India, or emigrated to Australia, or moved to the United States of America - they will be included in It will be starting off with the highest concentrations of the name in the UK: Devon and London.

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